Professional Fitness Coaching

As individuals, we all have specific needs to reach our fitness goals. Let’s sit down and discuss your nutrition and exercise goals. Let’s find out your fitness prescription.  

At ZSP CrossFit we offer three levels of coaching.

  1. Personal Training (1 on 1)

  2. CrossFit (Group Fitness)

  3. Team (Semi-private Group Fitness)


Coach Zovko

ZSP CrossFit exists to Empower Lifelong Fitness. I am here to help you achieve your personal exercise and nutritional goals. My role is to encourage individual strength and confidence to maximize your physical health.

My Story

The Short: Family Man, Physical Therapist, CrossFitter, Beer League Hockey Player, and Hemophiliac...and I was once decent at high school...and I might bring it up every once in a while.

The Long:  Twelve years ago I bought a kettlebell.

That kettlebell led to exercises that I had not been introduced to before and ultimately led to CrossFit. This introduction to different functional movements occurred while I was studying to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. While moving through physical therapy school into my profession,  I continued to practice and experiment with CrossFit methodology in my own physical practice as well as with some of my patients. I saw CrossFit as a great option for my patients to transition into after they finished their rehab. 

As a physical therapist, my job is to help people return to their job, family, or sport pain free with greater mobility and strength and with a greater understanding of how they move through their life.  However, our model in healthcare is far too often reactive. Meaning, we make changes only when we have been given a terrible diagnosis.

The gym, this gym, is my solution to a reactive healthcare system or your physical neglect. I believe you can rewrite the next chapters of your life by putting time into improving your movement, your strength, and your fitness. You must move and work to improve daily, weekly, yearly. I get asked all the time 'how long do I need to do these exercises?'.  Forever. 

As I mentioned above, I'm also a Hemophiliac. That basically means that my blood does not clot...or as it has affected me, every joint sprain I had as a child, teenager, and early adult (eventually I learned my lesson) led to greater and greater joint damage and capsular tightness. I've had three ankle surgeries and it was suggested to me 4 years ago that I consider a total ankle joint 31! Although the pain was great and the motion limited,  I decided that I wanted to do my best to build up what strength I could and see if I could improve my motion. CrossFit gave me a focus for how and why I should move better.  Not only that, it improved my strength enough that I could even take on the challenge of learning a new sport.

You have your own challenges and you have some goals to live an amazing physical life. I hope you give ZSP CrossFit a chance. I can't wait to tell your story.